ISIS burning Moaz AL-Kasasbeh alive

On the 24th of December, 2014, the Jordanian pilot Moaz AL-Kasasbeh was taken as a hostage for ISIS after his plane crashed in the Mediterranean Sea.  After the videos of the two Japanese hostages were out, the plans of releasing Moaz were included with the plans of releasing the Japanese hostages. ISIS then asked for 200 million dollars for letting the hostages go. The plans did not work out, and 10 days later, the first Japanese hostage was killed. Then, ISIS asked the Jordanian government to let go of the Jordanian terrorist, Sajida Reshawi, who was involved in a terrorist attack in 2005. They said they would exchange Sajida with the second Japanese hostage, and if it doesn’t go as planned, the pilot Moaz will be killed. Plans did not work out, and the second Japanese hostage was killed by cutting his head off. As for the Jordanian pilot, Moaz, he was killed this Friday morning.

The whole story is ugly, but the ugliest part about it is how Moaz was killed. He was burned to death!!! And after they burned him they dumbed rocks over his body, so that even his dead body is hard to retrieve. They did not even kill him in a peaceful way; instead they let him suffer before he died. Just imagine the way he felt right before he died, right before he saw the flames coming his way, and during the time he was on fire! Imagine what his family must have felt watching that video! Imagine looking at someone from your own family burning, suffering, and dying!

Two minutes! All it took was two minutes to end his life, his dreams, his hopes, his future, his past, his thoughts, him, all that gone in under two minutes! Two minutes have ended his story; two minutes have caused his family and loved ones to lose him forever!  He got married only five months before his death, and these two minutes took away the joy of his wife! Two minutes have ended the life of this great young man!

And ones who killed him, I have to say, I am very disgusted by what they did. I was truly in shock while watching the video, and I still am. I just can’t believe how something this ugly could be done to an innocent person, to a great pilot, and a loving individual. I can’t believe how someone would do something like that to another human being, to a Muslim and to an Arab, just like them, and all that for what? For money? Like is it even worth it?

I am truly sorry for the loss of Moaz AL-Kasasbeh and the other two Japanese hostages. RIP Moaz AL-Kasasbeh! May your soul rest in peace!

4 thoughts on “ISIS burning Moaz AL-Kasasbeh alive

  1. What ISIS did was absolutely horrible and disgusting, but at the same time Moaz was not an innocent man. He was a part of the Jordanian Air Force which was, and is still responsible for dozens of bombing raids in Syria. Jordan says that these bombing raids are killing ISIS, but you know who are the majority of people who die when Jordan decides to drop a bomb? Syrian civilians. Moaz was also responsible for dropping multiple bombs in Syria which killed many innocent Syrian civilians. Moaz was also a criminal just like ISIS. If you want peace you have to recognize that both people involved have committed horrible crimes against humanity.


    1. I have to say I agree with your comment. I have not really looked at all the details of the story since I just found out today and was not aware of what was happening and I agree that he was also responsible for a part of the killings of the Syrian civilians but that was NOT the way things should have been, yes maybe they killed him for a reason BUT that does not mean killing him in this ugly nasty way! Killing people doesn’t give anyone the right to kill a person by burning to death he was just serving his country and doing his job and they way they ended his life was wrong on so many levels


      1. Yes, the way ISIS killed him was horrible. There is no doubt that ISIS are a bunch of very brutal people who have no concept of humanity in them. The sad part is that all these people are complaining about ISIS, but what they fail to realize is that ISIS would have never gained all this power is if wasn’t for the US overthrowing Saddam Hussein in the first place. Anyway that is in the past now, but look at the present Iraqi government. They are extremely anti-Sunni, and as a result the Sunni people of Iraq have now run to ISIS for protection because the Shia Iraqi government is killing them. Just last week actually Shia militias executed 70 Sunni civilians after capturing a town from ISIS. So the Iraqi government captures a town from ISIS and they decide to kill Sunni civilians also? Is this their version of justice? This is what the Middle East has sadly become. Sectarian killings have gripped the entire region. There needs to be a government in Iraq that respects both the Sunnis and the Shias, and once you have that it will be easy to defeat ISIS, because right now the Sunnis do not trust the government in Iraq at all. Syria is obviously a different problem. Look at Lebanon also though, suicide bombings are now happening in both Shia and Sunni areas. It’s spreading everywhere, even Yemen is having the same problem.


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