You Matter

Feeling like you don’t matter?

Like you’re drowning in your own thoughts?

Like life isn’t for you?

Like you’re worthless?

Like no one cares for you or loves you?

Suicidal thoughts are running around in your head non-stop?

Do you believe it’s the only answer and the only thing that’ll make you feel better?

I’m here to tell you that you matter; you matter because you are you, and you will bring new things to this world that no one would be able to bring

I’m here to tell you that no matter what your problems are at the time, I promise you they’ll go away

You’ll get through them

And in the future you’ll look back and see how far you’ve become, and be proud of yourself

Imagine if you end your life tonight

Think about how many people you’ll hurt

Maybe you think no one cares for you

But they do

Think about your family

Your dad who never cries, will start crying

Your mom in shock,

Your brother and sister asking what happened and will start crying harder than ever

Think about your friends

Your classmates

You think that they don’t care but they do

They probably will think of you every day and think about all the times they hurt you

Your neighbors, your cousins, your teachers

Everyone will miss you

Your life is precious and you’re taking it away in the blink of an eye

If you think no one cares

Think again

Everyone cares, I promise you, and they have always cares

If you still think no one cares well I’m here to tell you that I care

Your life is valuable so please, don’t end it,,,,,

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