Do Looks Really Matter??!!!

About 2 years ago, I read this article about a woman who got married to her boyfriend, after a fire burnt him and his house, but he survived with severe burns and his face got really missed up after the accident.
And I remember thinking, how? Why would she even marry him when she looks really pretty and he looks bad?
I also remember thinking that if it was me, I wouldn’t marry him.
And I never noticed how shallow my thinking was up until now,
What I see now is how great their love is, and how she understood that he is still the same person on the inside.
Why am I mentioning this story?
Because today’s question is,
Do looks really matter?
When we meet someone, the first thing that we notice about them is how they look and how they’re dressed. But we never really notice how bright their personality is, we never really give it that much thought, until later on that we realize that just because someone is good looking, doesn’t really mean that they have a good personality to go with it.
We all say that we want someone with a good personality and looks don’t matter, but is it really true? I’ll leave that to you to decide….
Personally, I do think that looks matter in this world, because everyone acts that way,
What if everyone started looking beyond physical appearance and started noticing what’s on the inside instead of what’s on the outside?
It sure would be a better world
Its human nature, it’s how humans are, but a bit by bit, it can definitely change.
For me, I would choose personality and day, any time, why you may ask?
Because someone might be pretty at the time,
But their beauty will fade overtime, still, their good heart and personality will never fade. A beautiful appearance would last a few decades, but a beautiful heart would last a lifetime.
And once you start seeing the inside beauty of someone, they’ll always be beautiful in your eyes, and no matter how much their looks change, your love for them will be the same.
And now I’d like to end it with a quote:
“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart”

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